The Haigis team

Introducing ourselves – so you know who you are speaking to.

Mr Manfred Bürkle,
Managing Director, Dipl. Ing.
direct dial: +49 7432-9093-62

Mr Edgar Baiker,
Plant Management
direct dial: +49 7432-9093-57

Ms Bettina Tröster,
direct dial: +49 7432-9093-76

Ms Simone Günther,
Customer Support
direct dial: +49 7432-9093-42

Ms Ina Herre,
Customer Support and Purchasing
direct dial: +49 7432-9093-81

Ms Sarah Meier,
Purchasing and Quality Assurance
direct dial: +49 7432-9093-79

Mr Markus Weinmann,
Quality Management and Training
direct dial: +49 7432-9093-80

Mr Jörg Bernschneider,
DAkkS Laboratory and Production Planning
direct dial: +49 7432-9093-52

Mr Michael Hinz,
Production Manager
direct dial: +49 7432-9093-51

Mr Stefan Letsch,
Production Planning and Training
direct dial: +49 7432-9093-74

Mr Johann Pfister,
Production Planning
direct dial: +49 7432-9093-53